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Sparra Spotlight #2 – Captain Beefheart – Somewhere over Detroit.

Sparra Spotlight #2 – Captain Beefheart – Somewhere over Detroit.
This live show includes a lot of his best songs and is great as a kicking off point for a new fan or even the final record in a completist’s collection.
As part of our Spotlight offer it is only £10.

2pm start, free entry plus support. #oldcrowmedicineshow #ocms #bsv #Ayrshire

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All the way from the USA to play a free in store gig at Big Sparra Vinyl. March 6th, Woody Pines. #rockabilly #bluegrass #ayr #Ayrshire #bsv

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We have the last copies of this record. Limited to 500 copies in orange vinyl. 30 pounds in store, pm for postage. #joydivision #vinyl #Ayrshire #bsv ships worldwide

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Lots of MF Doom vinyl coming into store on Sat, available online now, pm for prices and delivery. #doom #nowspinning #musicloversunite #bsv #vinyl

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