Ended up getting to Patrick an hour earlier than planned. Waiting on the 10th train. And it looks like we’re gonna make it… #mostpeopleyouknowhaveasurnamebeginningwiththeletterm

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Finally on way to Scotland. Train guy says he’ll get us a taxi if we miss the last train connection. I wonder of that includes going to the Catty. #trainadventures #exoticlocations #rummagingweegothstudentsonatuesdaynight #sorrymrssparra

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Oh no! Some poor soul has been hit by a train at Leyland. Train to Preston now terminated at Crewe. I’m sure the Travelodge at Crewe will be nice. #railwayescapade #sparrasoapstory #tentraintony #howdudnuneatongetthenamenuneaton

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Rugby. Isn’t this exciting.

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Northampton done. Rugby next. 1 man. 1 day. 10 trains. Will your hero pull through? Stay tuned folks…

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On a wee jaunt to Stoke on Trent. Northampton next. The arse end of naewhere tour continues. #makingdealsandkickingheels

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